Executive Director of Real Estate Investment and Development

Born and raised in Miami Florida, Michael is proud to say he is a Florida native. As a graduate of the University of Central Florida, Michael soon began to plant his roots in the Central Florida area. Michael began his real estate career in college, first by partnering with his brother Joe La Rosa to sell residential real estate. With an entrepreneur spirit and the idea of selling real estate quickly grew into developing a real estate brand that now flourishes as one of the Southeast US’s fastest growing real estate companies, La Rosa Realty. Started in 2004, La Rosa Realty services over 70% of the real estate markets in the State of Florida and is considered by industry insiders as one of the top companies to watch due to its unique company offerings to its sales associates.

Michael’s passion has always included commercial real estate.  Whether it’s through commercial building development, project management, business development, commercial sales, or commercial leases he has tackled the opportunity to provide the best value and fastest ROI for his clients.  Over the years Michael had built a commercial division within La Rosa Realty keeping the vision of the residential real estate company as the “Next Generation of Real Estate”.  La Rosa Commercial Division’s foundation is built from years of developing Michael’s commercial real estate acumen and applying it to the real estate company he helped found.

Michael also currently serves in the Florida House of Representatives since 2012. Fighting for better opportunities and advocating for a better quality of life for all Floridians is his number one priority as a state legislator.