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Does your client already own a property? If so, simply click on the link above so that we can help them and you, faster.


Is your client looking to Lease a property for their business? Click on the Questionnaire above for a few quick questions.


Does Your Prospect have a property to Sell? Just click on the link above and a few property specific questions will help us help them faster!


Is your Prospect looking to purchase a property, building or facility for their business? If so, Click on the link above and help them get started faster.


The Reason we ask these questions is to get some detail needed to both be better prepared when we have the first initial discussion with your prospect along with giving us a better idea of who the best team member is to assist them. We look at our team similar to a sports team. Everyone has a specialty position, in this case it is an area of focus with in the industry, and although we know how to play each position on the field we trust the best person at each position to take the lead!